I love mangoes. I’s surprised to see mango ice cream @ kroger, immediately grabbed it without thinking twice . To be frank, i’ve never ever seen a mango flavoured ice cream anywhere apart from ice cream shops in US. My hubbie hates mango but he likes when its served as ice cream or milk shake.. My ice cream ( haagen dazs) had chunks of mangos in every scoop. Isn’t it cool or what ?! This is one variety of making mango milkshake …like in most shops . Will post other varieties in future..

Ingredients :

Mango ice cream — 3 very big scoops
Milk — 3/4 cup
Sugar — 1 1/2 tbsp
Mango slice (chunk ) — for garnish

Method :

This recipe is very simple. In a blender add the ice cream , milk and the sugar. Blend well so that ice cream mixes well with milk . Blend may be for 1 to 2 minute. Pour ina glass and garnish with mango slice and serve..

My dear hubbie din’t allow me to garnish well and he was staring at me while i snapped the pictures…

Yummy !!!!