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PuriĀ /Poori

Ingredients :

Whole wheat flour — 1 cup
Ghee — 1 tsp
Salt – a dash
Luke warm water — enough to make a soft dough

Oil — to deep fry

Method :

Take a large mixing bowl and add the flour and the ghee. Amke sure u mix the ghee very well without adding water. Add the salt and combine well. Now pour the water little by little and amke a soft dough. Let this sit for half an hour. After 30 minutes ,take the dough out and knead for five minutes . Divide them equally into small balls. Take a rolling pin and start making medium sized disc. Do not make it thin. The disc has to be even in all sides. Slowly dip this in the hot oil and give some pressure on the surface of the poori using a flat spatula. Oil has to be hot enough for the poori to be puffed up. Now flip the puri and fry. once it’s done ,take out and drain the excess oil by placing it in a kitchen paper towel… Poori is ready to eat…..Njoy

[P.S. I cudn’t take the pic immediately as my little one started bugging me…sorry for the pic, will update a good one next time]


Paneer paratha

Ingredients :

For stuffing :

Paneer — 1 cup
Ajwain — 1/2 tsp
Cilantro — 2 tbsp (chopped)
Green chilly — 1 no. (finely chopped )
Salt — acc to taste (do not too much )

For the dough :

whole wheat flour — 2 cups
Oil/ Ghee — 1 tbsp
salt — 1/4 tbsp
warm water — as reqd.

Method :

Take a large mixing bowl and add the wheat flour, oil or ghee ,salt and combine well. Now add water little by little till u get a soft dough. Rest the dough for minimum 30 mts. In the meantime , prepare the stuffing. Take a bowl and grate the paneer or crumble it finely. Now add the ajwain,salt,green chillies,corainder leaves to the paneer and combine well.

U can add red chilli powder or chaat masal powder if u think it is bland. But i like it this way. So i din’t add anything extra. Just mix everything well and keep aside. Divide the dough into equal balls. Take a ball and roll out thick. Make a small ball of paneer stuffing and keep it in the center of our rolled paratha.

Cover it as ashown inthe figure. Now roll out thick and fry on both sides.

Before taking out, apply a little bit of ghee on the surface of paratha. That yields more softer paratha’s…


Paratha is a traditional North Indian flatbread made of wheat flour and it is layered. This has several layers and smeared with ghee/oil.This is what makes it different from chappati. It can be stuffed with aloo,paneer, veggie’s .. Parathas can be triangular,spiral ,round . This is my family’s favourite. This post covers how to make plain paratha..

Ingredients :

Whole wheat flour — 3 cups
Oil/Ghee — 2 tbsp
Salt — 1/4 tsp ( i like it less for paratha and chapati )
Warm water — just enough to make a firm dough

Method :

Making the dough :

Take a large mixing bowl add the wheat flour,ghee and mix it well. Ghee should mix in the flour. Add the salt now and combine. Slowly add the water and make a firm dough.In general,the dough has to be soft for making softer parathas but its bit difficult while rolling.If u can take care of it, go ahead and make a soft dough. Cover it with a damp cloth and rest it for atleast an hour.

Rolling out the paratha :

Divide the dough into equal balls (of ur desired size) and cover it with the same damp cloth. Take one by one and roll out.

For round :
Roll the ball into a small disc with half an inch thickness.

For Triangular :
Follow these steps..

In between each step apply oil on the side marked in pink colour (apply liberally and fold)

Roll out fine and fry on a pan or a dosa pan for a minute each side. Before taking it ,spread a little bit of ghee and plate it.

Serve it with kurma,raita, thokku… Njoy !!!!