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Ingredients :

Basmati rice — 2 cups
Garlic peeled — 6 to 7 clove
Ginger garlic paste (gg paste ) — 1 tbsp
Green chillies — 3 no.
Onions — 1/2 (chopped lengthwise)
Cardamom — 2 no.
Cinnamon — 1 inch piece , 2 no.
Cloves — 3 to 4 no.
Coconut milk — 2 cups
Water — 2 cups
Salt — as reqd
Ghee — 1 1 /2 spoon
Oil — 1/2 spoon

Main ingredient —- brinji leaf — 2 to 3 leaves

Garnishing :

Cashews — 10 piece

Method :

Clean the basmati rice and soak it in cocconut milk for 10 to 15 mts . In the mean time, take a pan add little bit of ghee and fry the cashews and keep aside. In the same pan add the remaining ghee + oil and add Bay leaf (brinji ),Cinnamon,cloves and cardamom. Fry them and add onions followed by ginger garlic paste and scald well. Stir well till the raw smell of the GG paste vanishes. Followed by green chilly and garlic and combine well. Fry for fe minutes so that the garlic gets roasted. For those who wants to add some veggie’s can go ahead and add it now. Literally we don’t add any veggie’s to Brinji rice. Transfer this mixture straight to the rice soaking in coconut milk and add the remaining amount of water specified and cook for 5 minutes in pressure cooker. For electric cooker,transfer the contents to the pan given for electric cooker and cook until the mode changes to warm. Serve hot..


Mutton biriyani

Haha, This is my most most favourite dish in the world. Especially i would like my mom to prepare this for me. This recipe is passed on to us from my Grandma. This is her ideal recipe. Am glad to share with u all. Mutton Biriyani is a must in my birthday celebrations. All my family members don’t have the privilege to eat NON VEG items on their b’days cos of the fasting period. It’s only me who can eat whatever i want on my b’day. My bro used to envy me for that…lol. so here it comes ..,

Ingredients :


Mutton — 1/2 kg
Mint leaves — half a bunch
Cardamom — 2 no.
Cloves — 3 no.
Cinnamon — 1 inch — 2 piece
Onion — lengthwise chopped — 1/2
Tomato — chopped — 1 no.
Green chilly –2 no. (slit open)
Basmati rice — 2 cup
Ghee — 2 1/2 tbsp
oil — 1 tbsp
Turmeric powder — 1/4 tsp
Coriander Powder — 1 tbsp
Mutton soup — 3 to 3 1/2 cup
Ginger garlic paste (GG paste ) — 1 tbsp + 1 tbsp
Slat — acc to taste


To roast and grind to powder :

Saunf — 1/2 tsp
Pepper — 6 no.
Cardamom,cloves,Cinnamon — 1 each


To grind :

Mint leaves — 2 handful
Onion — half a onion
Green chillies — 3 no.

Method :

In a pressure cooker add the washed mutton, turmeric powder, 1 tbsp GG paste,tomato ,little bit of salt and add 3 1/2 cups of water , cook it for minimum 7 minutes. Soak the basmati rice for 10 minutes and fry them in half a tbsp of ghee for 2 minutes and keep aside to cool. Now take a big wide kadai & pour the 2 tbsp ghee +1 tbsp oil and make them hot. Add the Cardamom, cloves,Cinnamon and fry them . Be carefull ,it will splutter. Add the onions now and fry till it leaves moisture. Throw in the GG paste and stir so that it doesn’t stick. Now add the ground powder from table 2 and fry for a minute . Add the mint leaves now and scald well. It’s time to mix our table 3 ground paste into the kadai and stir once. Keep it covered and wait for few minutes till it oozes oil out . At this stage , open it and dump in the coriander powder. Scald well and keep aside. Well, this is our main masala for biriyani.. C, there are lot many choices to cook biriyani, one prefers pressure cooker, the other prefers directly in the kadai like me.. , some may prefer going for electric cooker. It’s all upto ur convenience.
For those who prefers pressure cooker :
Add the main masala into the pressure cooker along with the mutton and mutton soup mixture. Check for the salt and add the required amount.Combine well ,close it and cook for ONLY 1 whistle as our mutton is precooked (it doesn’t need more time that makes biriyani soggy) and keep the FLAME LOW for 3 to 5 minutes (this process is similar to dum ). and switch off.Now comes the crucial part so guys ,handle it well. Open the cooker once the pressure is gone and slowly take out the biriyani without breaking the rice& njoy !!!!!!!!

For those who likes to cook in kadai :
Add the mutton +soup mixture along with the main masala, Check for the salt and add the required amount and give it a boil. Once it starts boiling, add the fried rice and combine well. Keep the flame in the medium,cover it and cook for 5 minutes, by then, rice will be 3/4 th cooked. After five minutes, Stir the biriyani once and reduce the heat to medium low and cook for 10 minutes. Once the time has elapsed, switch off and take the kadai out from the heat and slowly take the rice out.

Electric cooker :
Mix everything like mutton + soup mixture, main masala ,Fried rice, required salt and keep it in the cooking mode. Once done cooking,it will automatically coames to warm mode. Keep it in the warm mode for few minutes and switch it off.

I did go for kadai method and my biriyani turned out good. But my rice would be bit broken as my hubbie requested me to make it slightly mushy…He believes the dish tastes good being mushy ..wat to do he likes it that way ??!!

Serve the Biriyani with raita and njoy.

Bon Apetit !!!!!!!!

Paneer pulao

Ingredients :

Paneer — 150 gm
Basmati rice — 1 cup
Tomato(large) puree — 1 no.
Cinnamon — 1 no.
Cloves — 2 no.
Cardamom — 2 no.
Onion(thinly sliced) — 1/2 onion
Ginger garlic paste — 1 spoon
garlic (chopped) — 4 no.
curd — 2 tbsp
Mint leaves — half a bunch
Salt — acc to taste
Oil — 4 tbsp
Water — 1.5 cup

Method :

Soak the rice for 15 mts and fry the rice( don’t overdo –may u can fry for 2 minutes) in a tbsp of oil .Keep stirring otherwise it will stick on to the bottom. Cut the panner into small cubes. In the same pan fry the paneer for 4 minutes. Do not wait for the paneer to turn golden brown as it makes paneer chewy. If u do so, soak the fried paneer in hot water . Heat the ghee/oil in a pan and fry the masala (triple c’s–Cinnamon ,Cloves,Cardamom ).Once done add the onion,garlic and fry until golden brown. Dump in the ginger garlic paste, again fry till the raw smell disappears. Now pour the tomato puree, mint leaves and stir once so that it combines. Close the lid and cook for few minutes,say 5 mts, till u c the oil floating on top. Throw in the yogurt and fried rice ,paneer and mix it. U may either cook this mixture in the pressure cooker or electric cooker. If u pressure cook ,keep it for 2 whistles and switch off immediately. And it’s a super hit ………Isn’t that amazing ??

Happy eating !!!!