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Potato Stew — My version

I really don’t like the typical potato stew as we think it’s not spicy. So i carried out my version of potato stew and it came out just perfect. U can even call it as instant kurma , But whatever .. it’s yummy as well as spicy.. and thatz wat i’s looking for…

Ingredients :

Boiled potatoes — 3 no.
Onions (juliennes) — 1/2
Tomato — 1/2 (chopped)
GG paste — 1 spoon
Garlic — 2 no. (chopped)
Green chilly — 2 no. (slit open)
Thick coconut milk — 1 cup
Salt — to taste
Oil — 1 1/2 spoon
Water — 1 cup

Masala powder :
Any meat masala powder — 1 1/4 tsp
I’ve used Shan masala powder

Optional Ingredients :
Cardamom — 2 no.
Cinnamon — 1 inch piece
Cloves — 2 no.

Method :
Cut the potatoes into big cubes.Take a sauce pan and do the seasoning with the optional ingredients. If u don wanna add it, u may directly add the onions and fry. Later add the GG paste and stir fry for a few minutes. Now dump in the tomatoes, green chilly, garlic and saute well. Now add the masala powder and again saute. Followed by boiled pototoes. Scald well. Now pour the coconut milk and water. Add salt too. Bring the mixture to a boil. Cook for 3 more minutes and switch off.


Dal Curry / Masala Dal

This is a simple dish one can easily make. If u do not wanna stand and stretch cooking u’ve to try this. A very easy at the same time delicious one.

Ingredients :

Toor dal /Thuvar dal — 1 cup
Tomato — 1 no. ( chopped)
Onion — 1/2 (chopped)
Green chilly — 1 no.
Salt — as reqd
Ghee — 1 spoon (optional )
Oil — 1 spoon
Hing — less than 1/4 tsp
Garlic — 3 clove (peeled)

For tempering :
Mustard seeds — 1 tsp
Cumin seeds — 1/2 tsp
Curry leaves — 1 sprig
Red chilli powder — 1/2 tsp (u may increase if u really want it spicy )
Turmeric powder — 1/4 tsp
Cumin powder — less than1/4 tsp (optional)

Method :

Soak the thuvar dal for minimum 10 minutes. In a pressure cooker add the soaked dhal, onions,tomatoes,garlic,green chilly,hing and add may be 1 1/2 cups of water and cook it for 3 whistles. In a small pan add the oil + ghee and wait till it becomes hot. Add the mustard seeds and wait for it to splutter. Followed by cumin seeds,curry leaves. Finally add the red chilli powder,turmeric powder,cumin powder( i din’t add cumin powder in my dal curry,it’s totally optional) and give it a stir. DO NOT BURN IT. Immediately pour the masala in the dal and give it a boil. Switch off and serve.. c , It’s damn simple …

Milagu Kuzhambu

There are so many different recipes out there for making milagu kuzhambu. This is how we make it at home and am adding my share to the big pile of recipes on the internet… Here it goes..

Ingredients :

For seasoning :

Mustard seeds — 1 tsp
Hing — a dash
Onions — 1/2 chopped
Tamarind –small gooseberry size
Sesame oil — 1 tbsp
Curry leaves — 1 sprig

salt — as reqd

To roast and powder :

Coriander seeds — 1 1/2 tbsp
Pepper corns — 1 tbsp
Coconut — 1 tbsp (optional )
Sombu /fennel seeds — 1/2 tsp
Urad dal — 1 tsp
Dry red chilli — 3 no.
Garlic — 2 no.
Channa dal — 1 tbsp
Cumin seeds — 1 tsp

Method :

In a sauce pan add the oil and do the seasoning. First add the mustard seeds when the oil is hot. Add the hing and curry leaves. Now add the onions and combine well. Take out the pulp from the tamarind and add the juice to the seasoned mixture . Give it a boil . Transfer the ground powder into the boiling kuzhambu and stir continuously . U may add 1 or 2 shallots which is ground to a paste for thickness of the gravy. U may skip coconut also. The thing is, i add coconut to all the kuzhambu i make since i like the flavour. Close it with a lid and let them boil and marry .Add the required amount of salt. Kuzhambu should boil for minimum 5 minutes. For that make sure u add enough water, otherwise everything will be spoiled…

Njoy !!!!

Sambar is a stew mainly comprising of dal,veggie’s and tamarind. It’s very popular in the southern region of India. Typically it’s classified as idli sambar and an another sambar for rice… U can’t mismatch these two. A combination of rice with sambar, paapad and one side dish makes my tummy always happy……….

Ingredients :

Veggie’s of ur choice–Okra,Brinjals,Avarakkai,Drumstick or simply shallots are best for making sambar
Thoor dal — 1/3 cup
Hing –1/4 tsp
Tamarind — small googeberry size
Homemade/store bought — 1 1/2 spoons (for homemade please take a look at my previous entry)
Garlic — 2 clove
Corainder leaves — 2 sprig

For tempering :

Oil — 1 tbsp
Mustard seeds — 1 tsp
fenugreek seeds — 1/4 tsp
Curry leaves — 1 sprig
shallots — 3 no. (chopped)
Cumin seeds –1/2 tsp (optional)
Salt –acc to taste
Coconut Paste– 2tbsp

Ghee — 1 spoon

Ingredients :

We need a pressure cooker to cook the dal. It’s better to soak the dal and tamarind (seperately) prior cooking for 5 to 10 mts. In a pressure cooker add the soaked dal, turmeric powder (if needed),hing, veggie’s ,garlic and cook for 3 whistles. In the meanwhile, take out the tamarind juice. In that, add the sambar masala powder,salt and combine well. Pour this mixture to the stock pot and give it a boil for 3 to 4 minutes inorder to eliminate the raw smell. Later, add the mixture from the pressure cooker(veggies,dal,garlic)
into the stock pot and let them cook for a minute. Now it’s time to add the coconut paste. In the meantime, do the tempering by heating a small pan with oil. When it is hot, add the mustard seeds and wait for it to splutter. Then add the following one by one i.e.cumin seeds,fenugreek seeds,curry leaves,Onion . Once it’s done,transfer this thadka into the sambar and give it a good mix. Wait for a minute and switch off. Add the ghee now. Adding ghee finally,enhances the taste of sambar..give it a try..u’ll love it

U’ve to shallow fry the okra b4 adding and don’t add okra in the pressure cooker to cook it. Okra needs to be added in the sambar only after tempering is done. Otherwise okra would turn mushy.