Hi all,
Warm welcome to everyone!!! I’m a homemaker fighting against odds to make a loving family. I hail from Thanjavur, a historical place and got married to a Chennai guy. I’ve learnt by basics from my Grandma who happened to be a great cook then followed my mom’s footsteps.I’ve never cooked anything in my home.I’s just eyeballing it when they were cooking.Whatever I have known ,all kudos to my Grandma & my mom.I’ll try to incorporate my hometown,Thanjavur style of cooking in dis blog and as well as others..
Me n my hubbie are now in US . We’ve a little monster who is 8 months old. This is my first blog which I’ve been dying to create for more than a decade. Basically am a learner rather than a beginner who is trying to look out for new recipes.

 All i can think about is cooking some or the other thing in my kitchen. My urge to cook becomes an addiction nowadays. Ofcourse i’m gifted to have such a nice pal cum hubbie who never gets tired to take me to places even at midnight. When i’s in india,i din’t know what is half and half and what is cream( now i get to know these products are available in India ) but after coming here,omg,i had lot many things to know and to experiment with. I’s so excited to see so many products which are new to me  at ease of price.To be frank  i’ve learnt a lot after coming to US.

I wouldn’t say I’ve tried out all but trying to accompany them one by one in my cooking.There are so many areas I’ve not touched yet.. like baking, which seems like a big deal to me.But I’ll try a hand on that one very soon. Cooking is my interest and i hope I’ll make it thro’ the end..